Simply B is now Madison Grace!

your lifestyle, while making an impact!

Re-Brand & Re-Launch

Friends! We are changing our name and adding some fun stuff all in the name to fulfill our mission in elevating your lifestyle while you make an impact! 

Madison Grace is our new name and we are beyond thrilled about it. As we work on the new site and the curated consicous product launches continue to connect with us over on Insta @madisongraceco or sign up to know when we launch.

To read the full story on the meaning behind the name read below :)

Madison Grace

Madison Grace is a women’s conscious lifestyle destination dedicated to making your lifestyle simply better while you make an impact. The community here is intentional, purposeful and a changemaker at heart. We believe in small steps and that together we can make a difference. It’s your lifestyle, while making an impact! 



We like to shift the conversation to things that change the world.


We love finding ethical finds that only do good but look good too!


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A note from Founder Claire Pettibone

Behind the Brand

After 10+ years struggling with infertility, trying everything from easter medicine to western techniques, my husband and I endured 3 failed in-vitro surgeries, the last one resulting an ectopic pregnancy, meaning the fetus attached outside my uterus and sadly did not survive. 

We named that unborn child Madison Grace. 

We were heart broken, deeply saddened and it wasn’t fair. But the story doesn’t end and we came from a place of barrenness and hopelessness, and through God’s grace with intention and work, we have a newfound appreciation of life, and the fruitfulness it has to offer. 

Those themes of redemption, restoration and a hope-filled life is what a lot of what a conscious lifestyle is at the heart of it. 

It’s seeing some injustice, shining a light on it and using a brand, a nonprofit, a vote, a conscious action, a purposeful purchase, a small step to help redeem and help bring hope to this injustice. It’s not perfect and it’ll probably be messy but it’s a beautiful journey - the lesson I learned from Madison Grace. 

Thank you for being here!  


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